3rd edition MundoPork
3rd edition MundoPork
Quilcay Club in Lurín (Perù)

On September 28TH and 29TH 2023, the third edition of MundoPork, a fair and training event in the pig sector, took place at the Quilcay Club in Lurín, Peru.
Thanks to Mundo Pork 2023, for the opportunity to present the conference “Spermatozoa preservation with an innovative line of extenders with controlled energy release” held by our Business Development Manager – Francesc Gómez – together with our distributor Solpec Group, premium sponsor of the event and organizer of the conference.
We at Medi Nova are continually committed every day to contribute to boost productive and reproductive performance of pig farmers through innovation, quality and sustainability.
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28-29 Septiembre 2023