Simposio Internacional GENOX de Reproducción Porcina
Simposio Internacional GENOX de Reproducción Porcina
Río Luján (Argentina)

On 27TH and 28TH September 2023, the new edition of the GENOX International Swine Reproduction Symposium took place at the Sofitel La Reserva Cardales in Río Luján in Argentina.
This 5TH Symposium attracted producers, insemination centers, and companies in the sector from different countries, consolidating itself as a reference event for the exchange of knowledge and progress in pig reproduction. During these two days, various topics were addressed including that of Artificial Intelligence applied to pig farming.
Thanks to our distributor Genox for actively involving us in the Symposium.
Our Research & Development Manager – Dr. Diana C. Angel – participated as a facilitator in the round table on sperm kinetics where she was able to underline the importance of evaluating sperm doses and factors that can influence motility.
He also presented the results of the first in vivo study carried out in collaboration with Genox and Biofarm (Argentine experimental center), underlining the importance of extenders in the production of sperm doses and presenting the concept of modulation of energy release timing, essential for long-term conservation long-term doses.
At Medi Nova we have always followed a formulation philosophy inspired by the selection of innovative criteria aimed at guaranteeing maximum well-being and offering the best possible performance.

27-28 Septiembre 2023