Founded in the Italian province of Reggio Emilia in 1997, Medi Nova started life
as a laboratory conducting research on the provision of high-quality artificial
swine insemination extenders for breeders, genetic companies
and international boar facilities.

Science is the leading force of our research & development department with a focus on innovation, formula development and quality control to transform a world of ideas and strategies into products.

Paola Melli, General Manager

With a specific focus on business building during the company’s initial decade, it was subsequently decided to sign an important research collaboration agreement with the University of Parma (Biopharmanet-Tec), one which continues to prosper today. The identified research goal was the development of new and increasingly scientifically advanced formulations. In 2014, the fruit of this collaboration produced a patent for the Formula range of swine semen extenders; an innovative line based on the concept of controlled energy release and the minimalisation of antibiotic content. In 2015, Medi Nova established a further research 

collaboration with the Analytical Chemistry and Chemometrics faculty located in the Pharmacy Department of the University of Genoa with the objective of making improvements to the production process. More specifically, this involved steps into the production of industrial equipment with online monitoring abilities (MICRO-NIR) to guarantee the homogeneity of raw materials. Today Medi Nova is an international entity represented in over 30 countries and is proud to offer one of the most extensive ranges of high quality products in the domain of swine reproduction.

We have rewritten our business vision seeing it as a positive force for the creation of good also capable of generating a profit while satisfying customer needs with a firm focus on top quality products.


With this in mind and as a pledge to our commitment, Medi Nova has finalised a framework of rules defining its Quality Management System which were approved and certified in 2006 in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standards.

Formulation philosophy

Given its beginnings as a research and development laboratory, Medi Nova has always followed a formulation philosophy which draws inspiration from selecting innovative criteria aimed at ensuring maximum well-being and delivering the best possible performance.

This desire is the underlying reason for forming a long-standing and substantial multifocal collaboration based on the ‘One Health’ approach with the Faculty of Food and Drug Sciences located in the Interdepartmental Research Centre for Health Product Innovation of the Biopharmanet-Tec University of Parma. By undertaking collaborative research studies with experts in human and animal health we have the potential to improve our understanding of cross over phenomena and adopt a transversal approach to formulation development.

We believe in quality 

without compromise

Which is why we remain constantly aware that each phase of product creation is equally important with no single one taking precedence on the path to ultimate product excellence.

Last but not least, we pay utmost attention to the origin of raw materials we use, especially with regard to quality and purity. Rigorous testing, both in-house and independently in collaboration with Research Centres and Universities, to provide confirmation of guaranteed effectiveness

Our house

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