The success of the architectural design of our company building lies in the tangible unison of beauty, sustainability and well-being that bring the construction to life. A perfect combination of aesthetics, quality materials and environmental sustainability.

Indeed, the values and beliefs that constitute the soul of Medi Nova are expressed in this emblematic building. The concept belying the building is more than simply structural because it puts employee well-being at its heart, a place where professional ethics are harmoniously balanced with aesthetics.

Paola Melli, General Manager

A sustainable approach to the environment has been a constant feature in our drive for product excellence and one which goes beyond the production line. The adoption of sustainable practices underpins our approach to our staff and extends to our interactions with the external community.  

The building complex comprising the offices, production site and warehouse occupies 2,400 square meters and is situated on a total area of 7,000 square meters.



The complex features large windows as an expression of maximum architectural transparency uniting the internal spaces with the external natural environment for a smooth and natural transition. 


The welcoming and bright interior spaces have been designed to impart a sense of well-being and maximal comfort to both visitors passing by and employees who are there for several hours a day. 


Our guiding inspiration for the interior design stems from the wish to combine the concepts of participation and sharing with the aesthetic enhancement of the professional surroundings.

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Our commitment
We opted for a sustainable energy policy in the construction of our headquarters to optimise natural resources and save non-renewable ones.

This conscious energy policy choice is expressed through specific construction measures to minimise energy consumption and the use of artificial lighting. As 100% of the electricity used in the our production site comes from renewable sources in the form of a modern photovoltaic system also utilised for heating, the functioning of the building requires no fossil fuels.