that protects sperm

FORMULA optimizes sperm performance and fertility thanks to a time regulated energy release activator


at your fingertips

Select the most appropriate solutions, equipment, consumables and accessories to effectively manage your herd and improve the welfare of your animals

Going beyond


with a tag

Safe and efficient technological solutions for official animal identification also capable of automatising on-farm processes

Our different product lines represent the heartbeat behind our activity: artificial insemination, created with pig producers in mind which re-joins our ideal of sustainable reproduction; identification, a product line composed of advanced systems for animal identification and traceability that are both performant and provide animal comfort; zootechnics & veterinary sector, a complete range of solutions, equipment, products and professional accessories dedicated to achieving effective herd management and improving animal welfare.

Our approach to sustainability

Right from the start, Medi Nova has been an avid supporter of responsible antibiotic use for livestock viewing it as an approach to safeguarding human and animal health and also protecting the environment. These values are part of our formulation philosophy and are practically applied on a daily basis as we continually endeavour to improve our products, minimize the antibiotic content of our formulas, without sacrificing any of their effectiveness for breeders.

Medi Nova is working behind the scenes to reach a clear and undisputable objective: zero antibiotic content in extenders. It is our belief that progress in zootechnics can only be achieved when wide-ranging social responsibility concepts capable of safeguarding the environment, animals and human resources go hand in hand.

Our approach to traceability

Today’s consumers are demanding and inquisitive when it comes to information about the origin of raw materials: how animals are fed and quality checks and controls performed throughout the production process. In a nutshell, we are talking about the concept of traceability. Consumers are increasingly convinced that they can impact health and wellbeing through making the right dietary choices. The answer lies in the use of ear tag identification which ensures complete food chain traceability, from farm to fork. 

Here at Medi Nova, our personal commitment to breeders is to provide them with the highest quality solutions that also satisfy market needs.

Our purpose

To strive for excellence for all actors of the livestock sector by continually contributing to boosting productive and reproductive performance through innovation, quality and sustainability.

Innovation, quality and sustainability.

These values form our mission statement and inspire us on a daily basis in the pursuit of noble objectives. We believe that these values are not hollow words without meaning, and that the best way to illustrate our mission is through our actions, in how we carry out our activities and projects. Innovation, quality and sustainability 

are Medi Nova’s guiding principles.
These three tenets are interdependent and together they constitute our business vision. Just as we pursue the ideal of sustainable productivity, we also encourage those around us to take care of the animals they raise including animal habitats and the working environment.

Our house

A place where ethics and aesthetics coexist in a harmonious balance. Find out more about the origins of our products.

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