Thanks to the implementation of a complete traceability system in the production chain, any consumer queries concerning the origin and provenance of animal origin products can be easily satisfied. In fact, providing information on animal identification throughout the breeding cycle is not just a legal obligation but a prerequisite to perfectly fulfil this goal.
A specific Medi Nova division is devoted to the printing, programming and commercialisation of advanced systems in the field of livestock identification, both for official and management.

Our catalogue currently features OS ID, Allflex, Hauptner and Caisley ear tags that are four highly reputable international brands in the animal identification sector able to offer the best available market solutions to breeders. However, at Medi Nova we know that it is service which makes the difference to our products and we are fully aware of the importance of aspects such as timeliness and precision when supplying ear tags. For this reason, Medi Nova continues to invest and enrich its service provision offer.


Medi Nova’s visual identification solutions guarantee a permanent, UV-resistant laser marking system. They offer the most advanced safety for livestock identification and herd management whilst ensuring optimal results in terms of application and retention.


Our solutions for tissue sampling are easy, reliable and useful for multiple benefits including the diagnosis of BVD as well as genetic traceability and genomic analysis.


We propose a wide range of applicators suitable for all types of visual, electronic and biopsy identification tags. Our products are extremely robust, easy to use and ensure optimal functionality.

Our electronic tags, based on RFID technology, guarantee excellent results in terms of use, reliability and speed in the provision of data. In addition to traceability, EID technology contributes to improving a farm’s efficiency, productivity and profitability through the electronic storage of all collected data.


Our microchip readers are robust, ergonomic and easy to use. Delivering high performance and reliable readings, they are truly outstanding in their field. 


A complete range of high-quality inks and equipment to deliver fast and accurate animal markings.

Electronic identification: bridging the gap between animals and technology

Electronic official identification allows for life long tracking of individual animals carried out through a hidden transponder inside an ear tag or bolus that is programmed with a unique number

National and international markets increasingly need instant, safe and efficient technology that provides complete cattle traceability from birth to final consumption of milk, meat and derivatives. Official electronic identification fully meets these emerging needs because it is capable of automatically reading and recording collected data for a unique and official tracking of animals and also extrapolates information relevant for the traceability of food and biosecurity issues.

Official electronic identification is an innovative solution offering an official and unique way of identifying animals with associated automatisation of various business processes.  This leads to enhanced farm efficiency, productivity and profitability.

The advantages

of using official electronic identification tags at birth:

◎ Guarantee of a unique and official identification
◎ Easy and automatic livestock management
◎ Quick entry and consultation of data
◎ Superior data reliability / zero transcription risk from manual error possible in paper records
◎ The RFID reader electronically records all cattle movements from the farm quickly and accurately
◎ Electronic recording of all events from birth to slaughter via an RFID reader
◎ Positive impact on working time (less physical document management and archiving procedures) which positively impacts management costs
◎ Full integration with existing barn equipment such as management software, readers, electronic scales, selection gates, automatic dispensers with inbuilt readers, feeding stations, milking parlours and much more
◎ More efficient and rapid processes (such as drug treatments, weighing, loading/unloading and grouping of animals)

Electronic scales

A reliable and easy-to-use system which electronically identifies the animal on the scale and records the associated body weight for use in growth monitoring

RFID reader

The best option for breeders looking for a more profitable way to manage their business. An advanced system that extracts secure and reliable readings from electronic ear tags to fully automate cattle management, saving both time and money

Milking parlour

A simple and reliable way to immediately allocate each animal to its respective milking stall. Herd management software allows for rapid recording, transfer and processing of milk production, milk flow and associated data.
Management software
The herd management software utilises the electronic identification tag and the various devices automatically connected to them for precision data collection from each animal. All collected data is processed real time to provide accurate and valuable information essential in making optimal managerial decisions
Feeding stations
Automatic feeding solutions distribute the correct ration to individual animals through electronic recognition techniques. An ideal solution to improve efficiency, increase productivity and enhance animal health

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